Eyeglasses and Hearing Aid Program

Eyeglasses distribution.

Distributing eyeglasses in the park.

More than 6,000 pairs of eyeglasses were donated by the District 14-N Lions Clubs of western Pennsylvania.  Eyeglasses were distributed free of charge with the help of the Women’s Lions Club of David, Panama.


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We appreciate the cooperation of District 14-N Lions (Pennsylvania)



Lions Club and Lady Lions of David, PanamaThe Women’s Lions Club of David, Panama


Lady Lions Club of David, Panama


Lady Lions distributing eyeglasses.

New hearing aids were purchased by the foundation for this little girl. She can now hear well enough to attend school.  Thank you to “You Can Hear” in David, Panama

Used hearing aids are collected by the foundation and delivered with new hearing aid dryers.           

Edgar Elias Soldana Polma of the Eagles of Iron motorcycle club of David works with the McCormack Foundation delivering hearing aids.         

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