Tom returned to Pennsylvania March 8, 2014, after spending 4 months in David, Panama, delivering medical items from container #12.  He went back to Panama for 6 weeks in the summer to continue working in the prosthetic clinic.

In September two 40 foot containers (#13 and #14) were loaded in Pennsylvania by a large group of dedicated volunteers.  The containers contained 22 home orthopedic beds, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, children’s clothes, soccer balls, adult diapers, towels, and sheets.  In addition, included was a pallet (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 6 ft. high) with thousands of pairs of glasses donated by the Butler District Lions.  Also in the containers were many prosthetic legs, hands, arms, wigs and external breast prostheses. Containers #13 and #14 were unloaded here in David, Panama by a group of 65 volunteers.

Tom returned to David on Oct 21 to begin distributing the medical supplies and to continue working in the prosthetic clinic.  Over the past three years, Tom has fit 234 legs 45 hands and 5 complete arms.  The prosthetic clinic has served people from 3 other Central American countries as well as from all over Panama.

We now have 75 orthopedic beds out on loan, and many wheelchairs. Our wheelchair repair men have repaired most all of the chairs that needed some attention.

We are continuing to distribute 100 Spanish Bibles and 100 copies of the Book of John, (written in English and Spanish).

We want to thank all of our volunteers in the USA and Panama.  Without your continued support we would not be able to continue our work here.

We have so many good people to thank but I won’t list them for fear of missing someone. YOU know who you are.

Check out our web site to see the items we need to fill container #15.  

Happy New Year

Thomas and Linda McCormack Foundation

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